Thursday, March 1, 2012


结果我看到佑佑用一只手握杯,另一只手握他自己的耳朵。。。 bomb... really don't know i should laugh or cry.... =.=""

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I was having a pack and happy christmas this year.... Maybe should say this year's christmas was a more proper one than before.

On 24th, the christmas eve, while everyone was having turkey meal, we were eating maggie mee at home, haha. That day we were going to sunway pyramid for shopping. The main purpose was to let my two boys experienced the christmas feel in the shopping mall, as there were a lot of events. We managed to take photo with mr santa and mrs santa. Oh, not to forget, took picture with miss santa also. Alfred and Bernard were super happy as mr santa gave them the candy and they couldn't wait to eat it. ^o^

At around 5pm we departed to fetch my hubby's sis from airport. And we jam for 3 hours to reach home =.= We were so tired and lazy to go out dining, so we just cooked maggie mee at home. This is how our christmas eve, haha.

On the 25th, christmas day! Alfred woke up very early in the morning. He woke me up and asked, "mama, why santa claus didn't give me any presents?" He looked disappointedly when he could not find any gift nearby his bed. I felt funny and heart pain to look into his pity face. I asked him to search around the bed, and he found a present at the end of the bed. He was so happy and hugged the gift to sleep again.... kids.... When he woke up again after few hours, he claimed that that was the gift from santa (in fact we are the santa =.=), and was his favourite toy Optimus prime. Bernard saw his brother got gift, he also searched around and got the gift. He was so happy too. It was really enjoyable to see kids' happy face.

On the christmas dinner, we had steamboat at home. Ate a lot on that night, so full.... Ohya, I had decorated a log cake and the kids were so happy to cut it. The left chocolate we made it as chocolate fountain to dip with strawberry, and the two monkeys had finished the whole box of strawberry, sweat.... Anyway, felt proud, haha. That's how my christmas night...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Langkawi Trip 2011

Just back from Langkawi trip on last weekend. It is the first time for me to travel in Langkawi. I love the place, especially the food, haha.

On 19 Nov 2011, we departed from LCCT at 7.30am and reached Langkawi airport at 8.30am. The rate to rent a car is a bit expensive as that weekend was the peak season. The ppl recommended viva for RM180, don't feel it's worth.. So end up we rent a 2-months old car Mazda2 for 3 days.

We started our trip by going to the Telaga Harbour to have sight-seeing and photo taking. The view is nice. Then we went to Oriental Village. But unluckily after half hour, it started to rain. To avoid wasting time, we left and went back to Pulau Cenang to check in hotel. After that, we had our lunch at Red Tomato, a restaurant for western food. We ordered a custom-made pizza with bacon, mushroom and pineapple. We also ordered a bowl of mushroom soup with bread. I like their thin crust pizza, which all the while I think thin crust pizza is not nice.

We went to Underwater park to see penguin. haha, it is shame to say that it is my first time to see real penguin :p they are so cute. The ticket is worth the price as there are many things to see.

We had our dinner at Unkaizan, a well-known japanese restaurant introduced by forum ppl. Yes, the food is so tasty and the service is so good. The japanese waitress gave 2 pieces of cartoon papers for Alfred to spend his time while waiting for the food. Alfred enjoyed it very much. However, the price is expensive haha.

The next day we had the mangrove tour around the Geopark. However, we had realized that we paid more than others for the tour.... Lesson learnt, must compare the price before making any payment. Anyway, the trip is nice for a first timer. They brought us travelling around bat cave, crocodile river, fish farm, eagle feeding, beach swimming and lunch. The most memorable thing was we had "ikan pari" feeding. Alfred and I were feeding the ugly "ikan pari" with hands. The ikan pari won't eat the food if the food is thrown to it. We had to grab the food in our hand and slowly put into the water, then the ikan pari will come and suck the food again. Yes, it won't bite, but it sucks the food like a vacum, haha. Looked scary with the process, but nice experience! In fact, Alfred requested to feed it, and I followed to feed after him, :p

After the 4 hours tour, we went back to hotel to rest for 1 hour and continued exploring in Oriental Village again. Nothing much to see there but had the rabbit feeding and deer feeding which Alfred was so eagerly to feed them since day 1.

At night, we had our seafood dinner at Orchid Ria, a chinese restaurant recommended by the forum ppl again. Yes, the food is so fresh and delicious. We ordered the big lobster which costs us RM90 for one. But since this is the highly recommended dish, so just closed my eyes to order. Beside lobster, we had ordered a plate of sea asparagus, a plate of squid and a plate of vegetable. We spent RM160 for this dinner. Expensive rite? haha, that's y i said "close my eyes" to order.

At night, we had shopping at the duty free shops for chocolate and alcohol drinks. The chocolate and alcohol drinks are so cheap which I was unwilling to buy normal softdrinks and snacks. The 3 days in Langkawi, we had only plain water (from hotel) and beer when thirsty; had chocolate to bite when mouth itchy. :p

The last day, we went to Dataran Lang for photo taking. We managed to buy some angry bird's clothes for alfred and bernard at there also. Alfred had bising to buy that since day 1 =.="" After that, we continued with shopping. We found that the kitchenware in Langkawi is so cheap. I bought a set of Vision glass pots for RM299 in which it was sold for RM499 in jusco melaka. I also bought a stainless steel pan with glass cover for RM139 which I believe in melaka, it costs double.

however, it really made us worry with the luggage weight to travel back to LCCT. Luckily everything is within our estimation and no extra charge charged on us. So fast, the trip had ended. Hope to travel again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Won a 2 days 1 nite stay !!

Just got to know I have won a 2 days 1 night stay in Hilton Hotel KL Deluxe Suite worth RM1095 from Nuyou Magazine!!! Sooooo happy! I really can't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the screen.... yes, it's me, it's my name, and I received their notification email! Hooray!

This is so unbelieveable as this is the biggest winning I got so far. RM1095 per night, quite a luxury and expensive gift. Seems like it is a xmas gift arrived earlier from the magazine. Thanks! I love it very much. I don't think I would have the chance to stay in such an expensive suite if I am going to pay my own....

This is the 3rd time I won the prizes from Nuyou Magazine! First time I won a set of beauty product worth RM200+. Second time I won a pair of hair shampoo and conditioner worth RM200+. This time a night stay worth RM1095! I still can't believe it is real...

All the while I told my frens that I always lack of the luck to win lottery. Yeah, I think i don't have the "extra money" luck. But one thing comforts me is I may have the luck to win small prizes.... haha. I have the habit to join the contests from magazines like IFeel, Nuyou, Women weekly etc. But it is really lucky that I got it the bigger prize this time! muaks! love you all! haha.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cutting Hair

It has been a long time i never help Alfred to cut hair.... Bernard? I never cut his hair before.... I sent Alfred to the saloon since 3++ years old, and I sent Bernard tot he saloon since he is born. I was thinking, since I needed to send Bernard to botak his hair in saloon, y not let Alfred to have a new style in saloon... So that day onwards, i kept my scissors and ended the barber's job. haha.

Yesterday I spent the day with the two monkeys at home. Seeing their hair is long, suddenly an idea came to my mind: y not try to cut their hair for them? haha... this is the first time I helped Bernard to cut his hair, and surprisingly he was so good boy to sit there to let me cut. But of course there is something "bomb" happened, which he poured the talc powder to the floor, and all over his body, like he is the fish to be deep fried =.= After that, I helped Alfred to cut his hair, haha.... the result of both: great satisfaction! haha, not too stylish, but neat at least... :))

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cars

皓皓:妈妈,为什么The Cars的眼睛是浅朱古力色的?

.......again, bomb kau kau....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alfred's breakfast

This morning everyone woke up a bit earlier, so francis proposed to bring Alfred to dine out for breakfast. haha, this is happiest thing to Alfred. He likes to have breakfast outside instead of eating man tou or egg at home :p If we had breakfast outside, normally we will go to a roadside stall which sells economy meehoon/meesiam/nasi lemak, and Alfred will always order nasi lemak and add on the luncheon meat and fried egg.

So Alfred was expecting the same place this morning. But francis decided to go to another mee stall to eat wantan mee. Alfred's face is so sour after knowing this decision, haha, he totally can't smile... Then I teased him either want to eat white mee or black mee? he couldn't answer me as hard to decide. The major reason must be he totally don't want to eat mee!! haha.

Lucky that the mee stall was not opened today. So we brought him for the nasi lemak, and he started to smile, haha, kids.... He enjoyed the meal very much, can judge from his expression ^o^ At the end of the meal, he said, "teacher will ask y alfred is so late today? because i am eating nasi lemak"... bomb, he imagined this haha.